Photo: Kristijan Thorstensen and Frederik Duckert from HiTalento, at Kick Off event of LEAP FORWARD at Digital Hub Denmark. Photo by Sebastian Stigsby.

No company is too small for talent

What is HiTalento and why does it matter?

Hitalento´s purpose is to empower Small and medium sized companies to manage the recruitment process in a way that ensures more candidates and a super-efficient workflow. Today recruitment workflows for 9 out of 10 SME´s are analog and inefficient. SME´s are in competition with Large companies for talent, the large companies have expensive employer branding, dedicated HR teams and tools, and the budgets to distribute their Job postings far and wide. 

To empower the SME´s in recruitment matters, the superwomen and men who run these companies deserve the best talent whilst preserving as much time as possible to focus on running the business. 

It seems like a common mistake is to let a junior or admin worker, with no major HR experience, handle the process. Recruitment needs to be taken seriously, but with Hitalento it does not need to be hard.

What or who got the two of you started as an entrepreneur?

Kristijan and I knew there was a problem in this area, but It really escalated when we were doing a project together for a German company. We found that the recruitment process was analog and inefficient for the majority of SME´s. 

Both of us have experience from startups, both our own and corporate, and both of us have felt on our bodies the frustrations when doing recruitment.

It was one of these “ohh, I thought it was just me who felt I had too little knowhow and that recruitment is painful”. No it is actually the vast majority that felt like this. As founders we have a deep trust between us, we are very open in regards to our different but complementary skill sets and experiences, but also we discuss our shared values when it comes to business ethics and life.

What considerations did both of you do about the risks and potential, when starting your business?

We do have a friendship, which we need to protect and we both know start up is hard on relationships. But since we have known each other for +20 years we know the qualities and limitations of the other before and try to focus on what is good for Hitalento first.

What are the core competencies you bring to the table in HiTalento?

Kristijan brings Product management, which has been crucial and on top of this E commerce and marketing skills. Frederik has management and sales experience, a wide European network, why we believe we will have live clients in 7 markets in Europe by Q2022, funding and funding experience.

You are all about hiring talent. What does your team look like a year from now?

A year from now we have a system savvy COO, Co-founder and a sales director. In the short run we are hiring in sales and customer success. We need our own office, right now we sit at Symbion shared office space. I believe we can build an inclusive and fun work culture. 

Our development capabilities are sufficient for a while, and can be scaled up. Right now on the development side we are focusing on enhancing UI/UX and launching more language versions and a career page for larger clients, which will be so cool, easy and intuitive to use, and create effect.

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