Photo: Nina Shini Andersen & Kasper Iversen from Social Works, at Kick Off event of LEAP FORWARD, at Digital Hub Denmark. Photo by Sebastian Stigsby.

Being a pioneer of an industry

What brought you to start Social Works?

We saw an opportunity in a very pre-mature market. An opportunity to create quality campaigns aligned with the new tendencies.

What do you do and what does it matter?

We connect brands with the right influencers. And increase the impact of both parties. This is done through PR, Data and Creative Direction. 

It matters because we are affecting millions of people, and we have a responsibility for helping the role models of future generations in the right direction. 

What have been your key learnings from starting and scaling Social Works in an industry still under constant development?

We were pioneers of industry, so in the early days it was very product focused that gave the outcome of quality. Now it is more people, processes and relationships.

What do you see Social Works in the future?

We will become a more global player and gain new market theritories.

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