Photo: Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen and Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry Co-founders of The Jewellery Room, KickOff Event of LEAP FORWARD at Digital Hub Denmark. Photo by Sebastian Stigsby

Covid19 business pivot led to innovation

What is The Jewellery Room and why does it matter?

The Jewellery Room is the leading platform for high-end designer jewellery.

We are here to give jewellery designers a voice and a window to the world – and give women and men a new and effortless way to shop jewellery not like everyone else’s.
We are industry experts merged with the best tech competences and on a mission to become the #1. expert jewellery destination.  

Our hearts beat for empowering the talents behind the jewellery designs and the ones wearing them. When you shop with us, you’re making a change. A change for all the small and independent, talented jewellery designers of the world. We’re giving them a platform, but our customers are the ones bringing their passions and pieces to life when wearing them.

What or who got the two of you started as an entrepreneur?
We are sisters, and grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. It has probably always been written in the stars that being entrepreneurs was our way. However, we never planned to be running a business together, it just made sense and we eventually made it happen. But what really made us start was our industry knowledge and the fact that we could see a gap in the jewellery space. There was nowhere for unknown designers to go, nowhere to be heard, seen or to sell their jewellery except for their own tiny stores. So we wanted to help these designere by digitizing the jewellery industry and creating a safe space for them. 

What considerations did both of you do about the risks and potential, when starting your business?

It started as a passion, without any risk management at all. We just saw an opportunity and we ran for it. We didn’t have a full plan when we started, but things evolved and every time we dug deeper into this industry we realized that there was a huge potential, especially in the digital space.

Today we exist to shake up the jewellery industry for the better and honour all the talented but often overlooked designers of the world. When we decided this was our way, we made a thorough plan and we’re following this quite ambitiously today.

What are the core competencies you bring to the table in The Jewellery Room?

We have both worked in communication and PR and for jewellery companies in the past. So we have a thorough knowledge of the industry and our network and relationships with designers all over the world is quite extensive and one of our competitive advantages today.   

You are all about making great jewellery designers accessible via a tech platform. What does your team look like a year from now?

We don’t dream of being 100 people in our office. Instead we have a mission of digitizing and automatizing most manual processes instead of more hands. However, we are aware that our small team today isn’t enough if we are to reach our targets. We will need a few more in our team and furthermore we have good experience with consultants and freelancers and will be partnering with different experts on a freelance basis. 

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