Photo: Louise Gertz, Founder of WeBrick, at Kick off event of LEAP FORWARD 2021 at Digital Hub Denmark. Photo by Sebastian Stigsby.

Changing the way we buy and sell properties today.

What inspired you to build WeBrick?

Working as a digital business developer in the largest bank in the Nordics for their real estate agency chain, it became obvious that digitization has made it feasible to undertake the entire selling/buying process online without  a real-estate agent. But, 

  1. No one had successfully build a digital secure platform offering the alternative
  2. Banks are unwilling to disrupt and challenge their own oligopoly of real-estate agent chains (4 chains own 85% market share). The market has not changed for more than 40 years.

How is WeBrick changing the way we buy and sell properties today?

The sector of buying and selling homes is very rich, profitable and inscrutable. Its key actors vest no interest in changing the way we are selling and buying a property. This is a disadvantage to the consumers, who are not benefitting from those giant digital leaps, the public administration have made at the disposal of new digital companies providing alternatives to the current regimes. 

As a market novelty, WeBrick has created an end-to-end digital customer journey on a single platform embedding all necessary services underpinning the selling of a home.

How do you envision your company next year?

Following WeBrick has made a successful proof of concept developing a proven product market fit on a) self-selling and b) launching an online lead-generator to the banks. 

WeBrick is starting an incremental expansion to Europe beginning with the Nordic countries.

What would you have done differently with your company looking back?

Addressing other markets and investors outside Denmark earlier. These are both more open to providing seed capital and national incentive schemes also make it more preferential to look across the borders. Alone in Sweden the number of IPOs is nineteen (19) times higher than in Denmark. 

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